We are looking for Young Software Trainees

Company Profile: LITORO has been providing professional web development services for the last 6 months. LITORO is a small team of 5 Web Designers & Application Developers with a work background from top MNCs.

Before, asking what we need from you, since you are going to a join a small but energetic start-up, we have answered some of the questions you would like us to answer.

Software Trainees


What have you done in the last 6 months?
First 2 Months
  • Setting Up the Office
  • Team Recruitment
Next 2 Months
  • Training Our Employees
  • Pilot Projects
Last 2 Months
  • Designed 10+ Websites - 2 of them for big brands
  • Launched an online exam portal myRank and a couple of Web Apps
  • Currently, working on three Web Apps related to Real Estate & Education Sectors
As a Software Trainee what will I learn?
YOU will learn:
  • HTML,CSS,jQuery & Advanced Web Designing
  • PHP & mySql
  • Watching Movies at weekends
Do you have a separate training team?
No. We clearly said YOU will learn. See the question above.
Do you think that it is easy to learn all those that you have mentioned?
Definitely Not Easy - Not Impossible too.
We currently have a team of 5 developers who are all self taught. Most of the times, all they got from their seniors was just the word "GOOGLE IT DUDE"
Is my learning time bound?
Not exactly. We can give you as much time as you need but at the same time we can only provide the resources but not salary. We call that time period as "Probationary Period".
The average probationary time of our current team is around 4 months. So if you have the capabilities to fit our team, you can expect the salary after the first 4 months.
Coming to Learning Advanced Technologies, do you guys help me?
We definitely love to do it but again nothing is concrete. Call us unorganized team but we cannot change this. So far the seniors have always preferred to cut down on their personal time as well to help the trainees. But again, your passion & interest catalyzes your seniors.
What is the place of Work?
City of Victory, Vijayawada.
What are the education qualifications required?
  • B.Tech / B.E. / MCA
  • Only 2012 & 2013 Pass outs
  • Academic Percentage within the range 55% - 70% strictly. We cannot handle highly talented people.
  • Note: We have soft corner for Drop Outs too.
What will be the CTC?
Probationary Time: 3-4 months – 4k – 5k per Month
Post Probationary Time: We can pay you 8k – 12k per Month
What is the Recruitment Procedure?
  1. Telephonic Conversation for about 15-20 minutes
  2. You have to work with us for 2 days in our office to enable us to get to know you better & vice versa
  3. All hiring decisions are by consensus – the very people who will work with you closely have to agree

Now that we have answered your questions, let’s move on to what we need form you.We love you to possess the following qualities...


Digital Savvy

Team Player

Interested?? Give a call to 0866 6661998 to proceed further